Veterans Memorial

The All Veterans Memorial is a tribute from the people of this community and area to all those who have served, and will serve, in the Armed Forces of this nation. Reflecting pools at the base of the bows, flags, and landscaping make this the perfect place to contemplate the freedom we're privileged to have in our country.

Built Around 1990

Battle Bows

BATTLE BOWS is a most elegant and symbolic structure:

  • The word “battle” comes from the battle ribbons, or theater of war identifications, as worn on tunics or other articles of military clothing. These ribbons are presented in porcelain enamel on the inside surfaces of the three outside arches.
  • The word “bow” is short for rainbow as in the Genesis story in the Bible where, after the flood, He set his “bow” in the sky. Such is the concept of the arched elements of the Memorial, a portion of the rainbow. Color adds to the effect of a rainbow as well.

The Memorial stands graciously in Marshall Park which was a gift to the City of Dubuque in 1975 from Jackson “Mac” Marshall, one of the first thirteen men recruited from this area for duty in World War I. 

Operation Desert Storm Memorial

In memory of the brave men and women of the Persian Gulf War who died in defense of freedom while serving their country and military during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm:

  • Army Spec. Ronald David Rennison
  • Air Force Captain Stephen Richard Phillis
  • GS-12 James Frederick Neberman
  • Army Spec Stephen Douglas Clark

WITH APPRECIATION The All Veterans Memorial is maintained by the City of Dubuque along with some Arboretum volunteers who are veterans.