The Arboretum Collections

The Arboretum is an outdoor museum of trees … devoted to specimen plantings of trees and shrubs.

The Arboretum's conifers and deciduous trees can be seen and enjoyed throughout the grounds. While visiting, you'll see and be able to study the different varieties that you may wish to include around your own home. [Most are labeled for the benefit of guests.]

Conifer Collections

THE CONIFER COLLECTIONS. Providing a year-round respite from the outside world, you’ll find fascinating and unique shapes and colors in the conifer collection. DABG has three conifer collections:

  • the Walter Conifer Collection.
  • the Hermsen Conifer Collection.
  • the Edna Mozena Conifer Garden.

Between these three collections, there are around 350 types of conifers.

Deciduous Tree Collection

DECIDUOUS TREE COLLECTION. With about 600 different trees and around 50 different genus, our Deciduous Tree Collection amazes with stunning beauty throughout the grounds ... uniquely in every season.

WITH APPRECIATION to the many volunteers who maintain the trees, berms, and grounds.