The Art in the Park

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Artist: Eric Shaw (1965-1996)

Material: Plate Steel, Curved, Welded

Eric Shaw: “Inspiration for my art is primarily derived from nature … In many of my works, I take elements of plant and animal life, human forms or ancient structures and combine them to create unique forms that are a synthesis, like a double exposure. … I strive to celebrate the rich heritage of life and the structural beauty of the parts of our earth.”

A gift of Eric’s Parents, Blossom and Jay Shaw, Iowa City, Iowa. 2017.

Location: near the Garden of Eat’n


Artist: Dave Riemer

Material: Polished copper

Created in Door County, Wisconsin, this mesmerizing kinetic sculpture of rotating fish uses the slightest breeze to move its graceful sweeping arms, changing with the light as they cast complex geometric shadows. Watching their motion has been described to be ‘as relaxing as watching a lazy river.’ If you look very closely, you will see that the inside and the outside rotate in opposite directions. [They will even continue to turn with a full load of snow on them!]

Built to last for decades without maintenance, the sculpture is shaped and assembled by hand, using the highest quality bearings, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

A gift of Carol Bitter in honor of Robert F. and Marion G. Neuwoehner (Carol Bitter’s parents). 2014.

Location: the Knot Garden


Woman (aka Rosalie) with Vase / Fountain.

A gift of Midge Lange’s children. In honor of Midge Lange: “our mom — One in a Million.”

Location: Rebecca Bed / northeast corner of Visitor Center


Artist: Stephanie Sailor / Lawrence, KS

Material: Stainless Steel

“The Seedling” represents the first phase of life for a plant, once it has trudged through the earth to feed off sunshine rays. The stem is thin and tenuous, originally unable to support the weight of the future foliage. This is the moment marked by unbounded possibilities, quite similar to ourselves as we start new stages in life.

A gift of Bob & Donna Wahlert. 2007.

Location: near McKay Plaza / Berm S. 17


Artist: Glenn Williams

2008 / Displayed with Art on the River

Germination means to sprout or grow. It is the process of coming into existence. the piece is intended to serve as a metaphor for this growth as it relates to the human condition. Those plants that have to struggle for life in the beginning tend to become more resilient as a result of that struggle. In essence, what doesn’t destroy us, makes us stronger.

A gift of the Tri-State Garden Club in conjunction with an arts grant from the City of Dubuque. [This sculpture honors the efforts of the Tri-State Garden Club in establishing and maintaining this rose garden.]

Location: Rose Garden