The Prairie Garden

Our free-spirited, old-fashioned rose garden and prairie plantings were established by the late Marlyn Bausman in memory of his daughter, Jodi. Many of our vintage roses, known for their fragrances, are more than 100 years old. Prairies have been the defining native landscape of Iowa, and this plot features prairie plants once found across the state. Beginning roughly 8,000 years ago, the deep and complex root systems of prairie plants created the rich soil of Iowa’s farmlands. The first settlers were greeted by this sea of tall grasses and a rainbow of flowers, with names like Big Bluestem, Compass Plant, Shooting Star, and Butterfly Milkweed. The early pioneer hunters would burn the prairies so that the buffalo were easier to hunt. Because of the grasses’ deep roots, they would likely survive and grow back in time.

Marlyn Bausman

WITH APPRECIATION to the Prairie Volunteer Team for the care and maintenance of the Prairie Garden.