Photo Credits

What better place to capture and share the beauty of God’s handiwork than the Arboretum?

For me, time at the Arboretum ― with my camera ― is FUN! I am never disappointed.

My favorite flowers may not be in bloom, but I may see a fledgling wren peeking out of a birdhouse, or take delight in watching children discover tadpoles in the pond. And once, I even had the unique opportunity to observe a chipmunk snacking on flower petals.

I like to come often. Things change quickly at the Arboretum. I have come at the right time…

  • to see blossoms I have never seen before, and
  • to linger and enjoy their aroma, and

…now I know when to watch for them in the future.

I encourage you to come often and linger long. Come with an open mind and you will never be disappointed!”


WITH MUCH APPRECIATION: Many of the photographs throughout the Dubuque Arboretum’s website are from the volunteer efforts of Deb Lovett.

Other photo credits:

  • Garden of Eat’n Page: Shante Weston
  • Children’s Gardens Page: Liz Donley
  • Music in the Gardens Page: Wes Schilling Photography
  • Wedding Venues + Pricing Page: Unposed Photography, Carolyn Heinze Photography, Bethany McNeill Photography, Marc & Mindy Photographers, Rick Jennisch Photography
  • Wedding FAQs Page: Light Burst Photography, Marc & Mindy Photographers
  • Cacti Gardens Page: Aaron Digman

Miscellaneous photographs and video:

  • Jenna Hirtz, Director | Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens
  • Glory Hougham, Web Designer | iPlatformance