Perennials Gardens

Perennials are a flower garden’s backbone. They provide texture, beautiful colors, and a variety of forms. By definition, a perennial has a lifespan of at least two years, but most last much longer.

A perennial will start with green growth then bloom for a period of time; then will be finished in blooming for that year. Some new varieties being introduced are re-blooming once they have been deadheaded.

A stroll through the Perennials Gardens will provide information about size, blooming time, and leaf patterns. Perennials can be cut back in late fall or left over the winter season to provide shelter for insects and bees as well as seasonal interest during the winter. A perennial garden is nectar to pollinators where you will often see busy bees enjoying the nectar from the plants.

A sampling might include: Coneflowers, hibiscus, bleeding hearts, delphinium, balloon flowers, cardinal flower, mums, Sylvia, yarrow, astilbe, Shasta daisy, dianthus, blanket flower, catmint, columbine, garden phlox, penstemon and hardy geranium.

Perennials Gallery

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