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Outdoor wedding venues

  • The Lagen-Buelow Gazebo: A natural, open setting with a procession through an arbor of roses before exchanging rings.
  • The Amphitheatre | Packard Pavillion:  A larger, protected setting with a view of the gorgeous park grounds during the ceremony.
  • The English Garden: A more intimate setting with very formal surroundings.
  • The Japanese Garden: A unique setting with a bridge overlooking our koi pond.


Weekend ceremony times: 10a | 12 Noon | 2p | 4p | 6p

Weekday ceremonies: If you have some scheduling flexibility, you may want to consider a weekday wedding date option. Because these dates are in less demand, you’ll often be able to name your ceremony time during the day and have your choice of wedding venue as well.

When you choose the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens for your ideal wedding venue, you also support our devotion to the growing things of the earth. Thank you.


Wedding Image by Veronica Farley | Demasque Photography