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Volunteer. Join the Team.

[May 29, 2015] The glory of growing season has unfolded. And 2015 promises to be the best season ever at the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens! Want to be a part of it all?

Do you …

  • want to BE GREEN? Then take on the position of PEONY BED TENDER.
  • wish to BE a QUEEN? Then master THE KINGDOM OF GOTTSCHALK, a berm that needs a ruler.
  • want to BE SEEN? If you’re “knot too tied up,” then we’d love to secure you a place in the KNOT GARDEN.
  • have a LOFTY DREAM? Then immerse yourself in the sheer joy of gardens…be the GARDEN LIBRARIAN.

So many volunteer opportunities … so little time. Volunteer today!


These and other volunteer opportunities await you in the beautiful Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens:

  • Call Volunteer Coordinator Sue Lemon @ 563.556.2100 OR
  • Fill out a Volunteer Application online/onsite today! [You’ll find it here: Volunteer Application.]

Sue Lemon, Volunteer and Event Coordinator


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