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New look at the turnoff entrance

Sign-Main Entrance-600x458-W[September 10, 2014] For a number of years, we have been considering replacing the entrance sign that directs people to the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens from 32nd Street. The sign had become weathered and the posts had begun to rot. We feel this is the “first impression” visitors have when arriving at our museum of living plants and trees.

Our main barrier had been budgetary. But thanks to an anonymous donor, this came off our wish list and a new sign is now in place.

The new sign is a beautiful smaller version of our main entrance sign (which you can see here) along with some new landscaping to go with it. It truly revamps this entrance area.

We’re thankful to the three main vendors in our community that worked with us on this project:

Giese Manufacturing Company. They created the original front entrance sign and they made the arched metal sign, including the lettering, for this new one as well.

Becker & Sons Stone Company. They put in the quarry stone for the pillars.

Quality Concrete Construction. They laid the foundation.

Now it’s time to celebrate all the planning and work that went into the project.

On Thur/Sept 18 @ 11:30 am, we’ll gather at that corner for a brief ceremony and a fun photo op! Please join us at a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony … for our beautiful new sign at the corner of 32nd Street and Arboretum Drive.  If you’re a fan or friend of the Arboretum, come celebrate with us!

Wylie Bledsoe, Executive Vice-President
Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

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