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Grow Lilies

How to Grow Lilies and Daylilies

These beautiful flowering plants come in two main classes: the asiatic lily and the oriental lily. Asiatic lilies are generally shorter (about 3 feet), have upward-facing flowers, and bloom in early summer. Their many different colors light up your flower garden, and they expand each year. Oriental lilies are generally taller, but bloom later in the summer. When planted together in your garden, the combination ensures beautiful blooms all summer long. Daylilies get their name for their single-day blooms, but the extremely productive plants flower nearly every day. A standard daylily is about three feet tall, and the best time to plant them is in the fall, like normal lilies. Both lilies and daylilies require a sunny location with six to eight hours of sunshine each day, while an oriental lily requires a little more shade. These plants come from flowering bulbs, and they can stay in place year after year as beautiful blooming flowers! [Source: BHG.com]




This video is a great introduction to growing lilies wherever you live or work.

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