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Rose Garden

Roses-450x880The Gottschalk-Hoeger Rose Garden features approximately 80 different varieties of roses and more than 450 plants.

Roses of many different colors, shapes, and fragrances are featured, including:

  • hybrid tea
  • grandiflora
  • floribunda
  • shrub
  • climbing

Most of these were AARS Winners donated by All-America Rose Selections, Inc. In addition, Bailey Nurseries of St. Paul, MN, has provided 44 roses (22 varieties) for the Easy Elegance Trial Garden. These are new, maintenance-free roses that are evaluated on a yearly basis.

Care and maintenance of the roses is the task of the Rose Team, a group of volunteers working from April through October to maximize the beauty of the gardens.

[ Description provided by Dick Weitz. ]

Learn more about growing roses in our video tutorial section.


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