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Hosta Shade Garden

Hostas: the number one perennial used in shade gardens


Hosta Donation

In 1985, Roy Klehm (of Klehm Nursery) generously donated some new hosta varieties to the newly-established arboretum. He donated …

  • Sun Power
  • Frances Williams
  • Blue Umbrellas
  • Shade Fanfare and
  • Gold Standard

… to name just a few. This original collection of hostas was planted underneath a cluster of wild plum trees and labeled as gifts. That was only the beginning. Many others have been added since.

Hosta Shade Garden

Today, several decades later, the hosta shade garden is composed entirely of materials given by generous donors and marked with donors’ names. Approximately 1,200 more varieties have been given. And the procurement continues.

Hostas have become the number one perennial used in shade gardens:

  • They’re very hardy, adaptable, easy to grow, and are principally known for their interesting foliage
  • They come in sizes from miniature to giant, in colors from solids of green, blue or gold, and variegated centers or borders of white to yellow. 
  • They also can have interesting features: red stems, ruffled edges or corrugations.
  • They’re often collected for their interesting names. Some examples: “Alligator Shoes,”  “Elvis Lives,”  “Bam Bam Blue,” “Striptease,”  “Blue Mouse Ears,”  “Praying Hands,” and “Robin Hood.”

You’re invited to come and see this amazing collection!


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