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A Garden of Eat’n: COMING SOON!

FRAMED-Garden-of-Eatn-400W[February 13, 2015] By the Spring of 2016, you’ll be able to see an edible garden (some call it a Food Forest) at the Arboretum. The mission of this new garden — aptly named The Garden of Eat’n — is …

… an educational display of a sustainable garden, demonstrating foods we can grow beautifully in our own backyards.

The garden will be marvelously designed and laid out to emphasize how attractive an edible garden can be.

What kinds of plants and trees might you see?


  • nut trees,
  • fruit trees,
  • raspberry brambles,
  • berries,
  • annual specialties,
  • perennial vegetables, and
  • herbs.

BLOG-Bring-back-the-monarchsFor a complete schematic of the planned garden, please visit the Garden of Eat’n web page.

In addition, our new arbor will support grapes, kiwis and hops. We will also have butterfly gardens designed to support the “Bring Back the Monarchs” conservation campaign by Monarch Watch.

As with all of our gardens, this will be a place to educate our visitors.The Garden of Eat’n will focus on how to best grow an edible garden. We hope to partner with area growers who will provide seminars on the growing and maintenance of these plants and trees.

What can you do to help make this happen?

Donate. We need financial support to start and complete the construction project.

Consider a memorial gift. There will also be memorial opportunities with furnishings and bricks available of varying sizes.

Steve Ulstad -400x400Join us. Thank you to our planning subcommittee team of volunteers who already have worked tirelessly to plan this effort. If you would like to join the planning team, please call the office (563.556.2100)!



Steve Ulstad, Dubuque Arboretum Board Member

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