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Dubuque Arboretum Tours

There’s no charge … just ask for one!


Conducted by Arboretum staff and volunteers throughout the regular season, tours are available 9a-4p Monday through Friday by reservation. To book your personal tour, please call 563.556.2100 in advance to make arrangements.

Thanks to the generosity of the Dubuque Racing Association, we’re now able to meet the increased demand for guided riding tours of the gardens and our conifer collections. Over the past two years, with requests for tours almost doubling, we found ourselves having to take groups in shifts and shortening the scope of the gardens our guests could experience. With the three added carts — two 6-passenger and one 4-passenger — we have a fleet ready to educate!

Jeff Pregler, Tour Team Coordinator at the Dubuque Arboretum, invites you to take a tour:

“We offer guided tours (both walking and on carts) for any group free of charge. You can call our office at 563.556.2100 to pre-arrange a tour. Our seasoned, knowledgeable, and trained volunteer tour guides (that we call the Orange Team) are ready to help you learn more about this amazing place!”


Every tour season is an exciting one

During May …

    • The tulip trees and the cucumber magnolia bloom. 
    • The irises pour forth their beauty.
    • The annual beds come alive with color.

June through September …

    • It’s time to show off the roses, the clematis, the native wildflowers, and the restored prairie. 
    • There’s a constant blooming and change of the perennials. 
    • Then finally, the seed pods of the cucumber magnolia, the Chinese dogwood, and the glossy bloom of the mandavilla climbing on the posts of the McKay Plaza explode with growth.


All ages seem to love this beautiful place

During our tours, we see as much enthusiasm in the residents of a retirement home as there is from the preschool and elementary students when the Koi fish come to the surface for food. Whether you decide to take one of our tours or visit on your own during the season, you’ll appreciate how the gardens and trees change throughout the year. It truly is an amazing place!


Please call for a tour

It’s no surprise that we love introducing and showing off this beautiful place! Call the Arboretum Office (563.556.2100) to arrange and schedule a tour. (There’s no charge for a tour; however, donations are always gratefully accepted!)


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